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Short Term Courses

Handyman (1-3 months)

This short term course provides basic skills in Carpentry, Electrical Maintenance, Motor Mechanics and Fabrication. The course benefits candidates who are looking for employment opportunities for those migrating to Australia, Canada and others.

Technical skills for SSC/HSC Students during vacations (1 month)

With the aim to make the students capable of handling emergency technical situations, we offer special course in Technical skills for SCC/HSC Students during vacations. Every year almost 60 students take part in the interactive and learning experience at our institution. We teach the basics of carpentry, electrical, automobile mechanics and fabrication.

Computers (3 months-1 year)

In today’s competitive environment, it is important for a student to understand the basic know-how of computers and gain the basic knowledge of operation. Our institute has a well-developed computer lab, equipped with computers installed with latest software. The part time course encompasses Electronic Data Processing, Office Automation, Internet Desktop Top Publishing, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Multimedia. Additionally, students can opt for certificate courses in Computer Application, Desktop Publishing, and P.C. Maintenance. After completion of the course, students appear for the MS CIT examination.

Automation (Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic) (1-3 months)

Students can learn the basic functioning of pneumatics systems through the Pneumatics Special course. This short term course makes the participants aware of the working knowledge of valves, circuits pneumatically operated valves along with various other accessories.

Fuel Injection (1-3 months)

Maintaining pace with the advancement of technology, automobile industry has introduced Multi-point Petrol Injection Systems and Electronic Diesel Control Systems that mitigate air pollution and economise on precious fuel. Our course is structured to enable the students and future professionals to cope with this advancement.

Auto Electricals (3-6 months)

Over the past few years there have been tremendous developments in the auto electrical equipment and automobile industry. Our course explains know-how on the working principles of Auto Electrical Equipment, repairs and testing of Alternators, Nozzle Tester, Spark Plug Tester and Starter Motors. The course also illustrates how to carry out maintenance work, troubleshooting and conduct quality service of the equipment.