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Joseph Cardijn was a Belgian priest and cardinal and the founder of the Young Christian Workers. After entering the junior seminary, he discovered that his school comrades who were employed began to lose their faith and discarded the practice of their religion. At the age of 24, Joseph was determined to start a movement of young working people that would make them conscious of their Divine Human Destiny. Due to his efforts and dedication, Pope Paul VI raised him to the status of a Cardinal. Pope Pius XI authorized the formation of the Young Christian Workers' (YCW) Movement in 1925.

The Joseph Cardijn Technical School was inaugurated by Pope Paul VI in 1966. The place where the school stands was a piece of land and had the seminary of the Bombay Diocese on its precincts years ago. Many of our senior priests today are products from this patch of land ideally placed near St. Paul's Church, Dadar. Over the past few decades, the school has grown beyond expectations and has imparted technical skills to hundreds of students of all castes, creed and social status.

Due to its decent emphasis on theory and practical, the institute has gained credibility and enabled the students to gain an edge in the job market. Joseph Cardijn Technical School is facilitated with latest technical instruments to offer hands-on learning experience, while potential clients can look to Cardijn's for goods and services of high standards. Joseph Cardijn is the best destination for students who are not capable of pursuing a Degree or a Diploma course and intend to do some technical course. Every year almost 130 students complete their course at our institute with a trade in hand and skills to earn their livelihood.

The Joseph Cardijn Technical School is highly respected among Technical schools and is the choice for youth who wish to receive the best training that they can get at an affordable fee. The Industrial Training Centre is owned and administered by the Archdiocese and affiliated to the Government of India's National Council for Vocational Training. Our aim is to train and equip the students to meet the challenging demands of the industry.