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The Joseph Cardijn Technical Institute boasts of a conference room which is fully furnished with audio and visual equipment for presentation purposes. Training sessions are also conducted here.

The hallmark of our institute is the facility for workshops for the various courses. Separate rooms have been provided for each of the workshops to be conducted in: Carpentry, Electrical, Fitting, Fabrication, A/C refrigeration, Motor Vehicle. The significant highlights of each of these workshops are the tools and services we provide:

  • Carpentry: Planer, Jig saw, Bandsaw, Router
  • Electrical: Motors being upgraded regularly, Alternators
  • Fitting: Carbon di-oxide welding, Powersaw
  • Fabrication: Welding, Fixtures
  • A/C refrigeration: Split A/Cs, Automobile A/Cs
  • Motor vehicles: Central Cooling, Mechanical hoist, smoke tester, Wheel Alignment

We have a computer lab that is open to students as well as faculty.

We also have a well-stocked library that helps students in enhancing their knowledge of the courses beyond the prescribed syllabus, as well as for reference work.

We also provide recreational facilities in the form of various sports that the students can play to break the monotony of studies and refresh themselves up.

In order to focus on the holistic development of the students, we provide personality development classes to improve their customer-relationship skills.