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Director's Message

In a society that normally just follows the beaten path, it is our experience that parents by and large give their children the one option of joining an academic collage after the SSC grade. At the technical institute, we help the students to enjoy a technical aptitude that he / she has and it is our endeavour to develop this aptitude to the extent possible within the two years prescribed schedule. It is rather difficult to create this mind set among the parents that there lies an option in a technical field, which does surface immense possibilities in the ever growing industrial layouts, growing more and more in a developing country like ours.

Joseph Cardijn Technical School is an ITI Institute, which is government recognized offering two year trades in Fitting, Electrical and Motor Mechanic. We also have tailor made coursed from 3 months to 1 year in various other trades like A/C Refrigeration, Welding, Carpentry etc. Our efforts have been to even accommodate the school dropouts, who having learnt the basics of the practicals, will be able to do something pertaining to that trade, and thus make a living.

We feel proud if our students, who having been employed do drop in to tell us their success stories. Fitters mostly on rigs or ocean liners, automobile workers in the middle-east and electricians in housing complexes or as government employees, are encouraged to share their life-journey in employment with the current batch students. Efforts have been made by us to encourage our students into being entrepreneurs, though this is slow in coming.

This Institute has been in existence for around 50 years and we are always on the look out for additional inputs, industry-exposures, allied trade information that will help our students be one-up in the competitive employment market. Even though confined to a syllabus, our endeavour has been to upgrade facilities in the belief that such things go a long way in building up the confidence of our students.

It is no secret that the current batches of students seek an engineering study rather than the ITI study pattern. We have our dreams too to promote ITI as well as raise a polytechnic engineering structure and thus we have "miles and miles to go" building up on the initial steps profoundly taken over all these years.